Centrally  located on Auckland’s North Shore, Koru Montessori  is a quality, child centred educational environment following the Montessori method and principles.

Like the image of the Koru, which is associated with nurturing and the young uncurling fern fronds, Koru Montessori celebrates the vitality of life, the unfolding of knowledge through movement, growth and a hope for the future. 

We aim to inspire creativity, curiosity, imagination, leadership and the potential goodness and greatness in each and every  child. At Koru Montessori children will experience an environment in which they feel welcomed, respected and part of a community of learners, where learning is fun and independence is fostered.

Koru Montessori provides a Montessori programme for children aged 2-6 years of age. licensed for 28 children at any one time, with a teacher/child ratio of 1:8 ensuring programme planning that meets the needs of all children.