Koru Montessori is a quality child centred educational environment following the Montessori method and principles. We strive to offer consciously designed experiences that cultivate the child’s independence, self respect, love of peace, a passion for self chosen work and the ability to respect and celebrate individual values within people of all ages.

We acknowledge and recognize each child’s innate capacity for and desire to learn. This is characterized by the effortless absorption of knowledge through the senses and practical hands on experiences. We believe each child has unique learning capabilities and interests which we will encourage and foster whilst allowing the child to set their own pace.

We aim that the curriculum is closely tied to the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whăriki ~ He Whăriki Mataraunga mo nga Mokopuna o Aotearoa. The environment is kept peaceful, calm and orderly. The materials aim to engage the child and provide the keys to many different aspects of learning including experiences relating to practical life skills, sensorial development, language and literacy, numeracy and mathematics, science, geography, history, music, nature, art and craft, dance, grace and courtesy, gross motor development and communication. Children’s cultural heritage is acknowledged and the centre regards cultural diversity as a cause for celebration. Natural science and outdoor education are important elements of the children’s experience including care of animals and the garden.

We hope to inspire creativity, curiosity, imagination, leadership and the potential goodness and greatness in each individual child.

At Koru Montessori children will experience an environment in which: