From the moment we walked into the door of Koru Montessori we felt at home.
Our little girl had been having a tough time at a previous day-care, morning drop-offs often terminated with her in a state of high state of distress, she was shy and fragile, and this stressed me out no end.
Within days after changing to Koru our little one went from pleading not to go to day-care to angrily complaining that Koru was not open on Saturdays !
In the weeks and months that followed she blossomed into a strong and self-confident little girl
The pastoral care at Koru was unsurpassed with both gentle warmth and a time-honoured careful discipline.
Ruth’s personal skill set as an early child educator and crafter of a learning environment is superb.
Ruth leads a hard working team who practice the Montessori values of patience, openness, respect and generosity of spirit.
Our daughter’s academic potential was nurtured, time was taken with her to bring out her natural strengths, whilst areas of need were acknowledged and worked on.
She has taken to school with a love of learning and a determined mindset, a disposition that will stand her well in the future.
I asked my daughter what she loved the most about Koru and she said her teachers, her friends and all the animals.
In short Koru Montessori gave her the best start on her learning journey. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Jerry and Lara

Both my children have attended Koru Montessori. I highly recommend. Superb learning environment. The teachers and owner Ruth are incredibly caring, positive people who really take the time to understand each child, nurture and guide them through their development at this precious stage in life. I am always so impressed with how the environment is calm and children focused on their chosen activities. There is a huge range of specific Montessori activities that the children are given the choice of. The environment is organised and thoughtful and much time and care is put into preparing all the activities.
I appreciate all the feedback you receive about your child and what they have been up to at Koru.
I am so grateful for Koru and the staff.

Lorna and Harley Anderson

My little girl Milly has just joined this wonderful Montessori and she is loving it. She is even asking me on days she doesn’t attend if she can go!
The staff are so caring and nurturing and it really does have a home from home feeling. Very pleased we have joined this Montessori Whanau

Clare Hunt

We have been a part of the Koru family for over 9 years as our 5 children have made their way through. We have absolutely loved our time there. We moved away from the shore to Puhoi 3 years ago and still continued to take the children to Koru in Sunnynook as the quality of education and care from the amazing staff was second to none. Our children spent 6+ hours a day up to 5 days a week at Koru and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to help love, raise, and teach our children.

Nicholette Rameka

Choosing Koru was the most important decision we did for our son Eugene. He grew up confident and happy in Koru. We have seen his confidence increase, his social skills improve, and especially his academic learning has made great progress.

Michelle Wu

We would like to thank you very much for the amazing Journey Eugene has been through during his time at Koru Montessori. It was such a positive experience for him with your patience, creativity and love.

We still remember once you highlighted FAMILY as the greatest value at Koru. We can see Eugene was nurtured as part  of the Koru family with plenty of care and love. We do believe later on in his life he will be motivated and inspired to do great things by great people like you/ You do not know how happy we are when every day he has come home from school with a big smile saying “I have had an amazing day...”

Tommy and Sandra Rubianto

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful preschool education our son received from you. We couldn’t have found a better place than Koru.

Catherine and Gonzalo Brieba

Words don’t do justice when it’s time to say thank you to people who have touched our son’s life in such an impressionable way. Thank you for your guidance, care and input that you have given Sam at Koru. It is a special place because of all of you

Shirley and Dean Ewing

We are just so grateful for your loving care, kindness, and teaching. Just seeing Nic so happy and settled at Koru and doing so many great things makes us so happy.

Jocelyn and Philip Chung

Our children could not have had a better start than at Koru. Koru is a wonderful place.

Cathy, Nigel, Maddie, Oliver and Alicia

You are such legends! Thank you for being the greatest gift my children could have ever been lucky enough to have.

Kerri, Jon, Nic and Bree Ackland

Thank you – for your staff, your kindness, support and wonderful teaching. The experiences and knowledge the boys have learnt has definitely set them up well for life

Johanna Pederson

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